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  • Gatra Mapan is Expanding!!

    Gatra Mapan is Expanding!!

    PT Gatra Mapan is announcing that our finishing line has been completed and run its first production. The facility is designed to accommodate up to 350 pallets and equipped with multiple spray booths, and pre-conditioning room. Fully running, this extension is capable to produce 3X40 containers/day. PT Gatra Mapan is expecting a bigger segment of…

  • Innovative Technique & Magnificent Finishing

    Innovative Technique & Magnificent Finishing

    With more than 30 years of industry experience and a unique facility equipped with state-of-the-art machinery using cutting-edge programming systems and technologies, we handle each production step of every product and project of our customers with precision, speed and cost efficiency.

  • Indonesia’s Market Leader

    Indonesia’s Market Leader

    PT Gatra Mapan is a wood-based home furniture manufacturing company based in Malang, West Java, Indonesia specialising in panel furniture, or also known as flat-pack or knock-down furniture.