PT Gatra Mapan is a wood-based home furniture manufacturing company based in Malang, West Java, Indonesia specialising in panel furniture, or also known as flat-pack or knock-down furniture. PT Gatra Mapan was established in 1984 by Mr. Anton Wijaya, Mr. Djunaidi Japutra, Mr. Wigandha Aditama and Mr. Agianto Chandra as a local home industry producing bespoke TV entertainment cabinet units. Our mission “Present in every room” drives us to stay customer-centric in our approach, always taking into consideration how each piece fits into the way people use their space. Today, we are proud to be representing Indonesia’s name and craftsmanship as an industry leader across both local and international markets with over 15 export destinations worldwide, including USA, Germany, France, Switzerland, Japan and New Zealand.

Along with manufacturing for international clients, PT Gatra Mapan has been trusted by local customers, retailers both offline and online, as well as a diverse clientele at national-scale through our brand Melody Furniture and Project Division.

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