Indonesia’s Market Leader & Leading Exporter
in Knockdown Panel Wood Furniture

PT Gatra Mapan is a wood-based home furniture manufacturing company based in Malang, West Java, Indonesia specialising in panel furniture, or also known as flat-pack or knock-down furniture. PT Gatra Mapan was established in 1984 by Mr. Anton Wijaya, Mr. Djunaidi Japutra, Mr. Wigandha Aditama and Mr. Agianto Chandra as a local home industry producing bespoke TV entertainment cabinet units. Our mission “Present in every room” drives us to stay customer-centric in our approach, always taking into consideration how each piece fits into the way people use their space. Today, we are proud to be representing Indonesia’s name and craftsmanship as an industry leader across both local and international markets with over 20 export destinations worldwide, including USA, Germany, France, Switzerland, Japan and New Zealand.

Along with manufacturing for international clients, PT Gatra Mapan has been trusted by local customers, retailers both offline and online, as well as a diverse clientele at national-scale through our brand Melody Furniture and Project Division.

PT Gatra Mapan is striving to provide world class “one stop solution” in furniture industry and following demand to supply furniture in non-paper/PVC/HPL lamination, a new business unit is added to provide wood veneer, PU/NC UV spray and solid wood. This extension is allowing our customers to tap new possibilities of wider hybrid finish and construction for better cost effectiveness.

Milestones of Our Journey

  • 1984

    PT Gatra Mapan was first established as a home industry in Malang, producing TV entertainment cabinet units

  • 1991 – 1993

    Production expanded to Karanglo , Malang. Export to Hong Kong marked the beginning of our venture into the global market.

  • 1996 – 1999

    Export expanded across the Middle East, Australia, Japan, France and Netherlands with a new factory built in Pakis. PT. Gatra Mapan received ISO 9001 certification (1999).

  • 2004 – 2010

    Increasing demands from the USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Slovakia, Spain, Italy and India expanded our international market.

  • 2012

    Project Division was established to cater for the demand for high-quality material, design and installation system in the hospitality industry.

  • 2014-2018

    PT. Gatra Mapan received Indonesian Legal Wood (SLVK) certification.

  • 2022 – Future

    Our commitment to investing in research and development for cutting edge production technology and system carries on

Indonesia Local Content (TKDN)

PT Gatra Mapan as of 2021 is supporting national government program by producing finished good using higher local content that is inline with the government vision of increasing the usage of locally made product to increase the competitiveness and productivity of the national industry. Below are some example of our TKDN certificate which average around 70% Local content. More products from Gatra Mapan with TKDN certification are on the way.

No. 5411/SJ-IND.8/TKDN/7/2021

No. 5410/SJ-IND.8/TKDN/7/2021

No. 5409/SJ-IND.8/TKDN/7/2021

No. 5408/SJ-IND.8/TKDN/7/2021

No. 5407/SJ-IND.8/TKDN/7/2021

No. 5406/SJ-IND.8/TKDN/7/2021

No. 5405/SJ-IND.8/TKDN/7/2021

No. 5404/SJ-IND.8/TKDN/7/2021

Our Commitment to Sustainability

PT Gatra Mapan is committed to ensuring our standards of practice are in accordance with the internationally-acknowledged certifications. We use only Indonesian Legal Wood-certified materials from trusted suppliers and enact manufacturing processes that bring no harm to the earth.