Production Capabilities

With more than 30 years of industry experience and a unique facility equipped with state-of-the-art machinery using cutting-edge programming systems and technologies, we handle each production step of every product and project of our customers with precision, speed and cost efficiency.

Factory Overview

Our production facility is housed on an 17.6 hectare land area with additional available lot of 2.5 hectare, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery

Production Capacity

Each month, we produce an array of products that fits up to 100 industrial containers (equals to an area of 40 foot square)


We ensure our woods are kept in excellent condition at all times in our storage facilities that consist of raw materials warehouse and finished goods warehouse

Number of Employees

Behind the excellence of PT Gatra Mapan are 750 skilled factory workers and 250 office staffs

Innovative Technique & Magnificent Finishing

Each of the unique design is the result of the company’s innovative technique and magnifcent finishing is made possible by the presence of fitting steps, such as


Lamination process or vacuum method for furniture parts or panels

Molding & wrapping

Lamination and detailing process to complete your furniture look


Add profiles to your furniture for an elevated finished look


Apply any printed pattern or graphics to your furniture for a stylish touch

Mix Material Steel

Achieve a unique and bold industrial aesthetic with this material rising in popularity

Material Rattan

The timelessness of rattan, both natural and artificial, adds warmth to your space at all seasons

Production Facilities

One of the factor that enables PT. Gatra Mapan to expand its design is the use of premium machineries opted particularly from the leading technology in its class.


Capacity of 12 Manual Drilling machines (up to 2,280 cycles/hr), ideal for designs that require customisation, and 20 Automatic Through Feed Drilling machines (up to 3,360 cycles/hr) with varieties of drilling types in one cycle of drilling

CNC Drilling

Ideal for precise drilling in one cycle, capacity of 17 machines (up to 1,122 pcs/hr)

Frame Assembling

6 types of assembling machines are available with production capacity of over 2,000 pcs/hr


Different type of cutting machines available with production capacity of over 8,000 pcs/hr

Honeycomb Cutting

We use Honicel machines to ensure optimal processing of paper honeycomb upon required specifications

Edge Banding

Production capacity of 7,500 meter-run/hr with 27 of both manual and automatic machines


With 2 machine of 4’x8′ lamination machine , we able to work on up to 500sheets / hour

Pur for Flushboard

Our PUR lamination machine able to work up to 90pcs / hour


With both of 2 machines on going in an hour we able to work up to 12 cycles


On the full capacity our machines able to do up to 720 round / hour


On the ideal production, we able to work up to 8 cycle/ hour

Our Commitment to Sustainability

PT Gatra Mapan is committed to ensuring our standards of practice are in accordance with the internationally-acknowledged certifications. We use only Indonesian Legal Wood-certified materials from trusted suppliers and enact manufacturing processes that bring no harm to the earth.