We have been producing millions of units and thousands Design

And why we are best?


Resarch & Development (R&D) Gatra Mapan is important part of the manufacturing process, and also have a responsibility to produce design with a good quality.


High quality materials come from selected and trustworthy supplier.

Control Production

Systems and procedures strict production process, in order to ensure the quality of the product. Starting from the arrival of raw materials, material storage, handling the production process, until the final product storage.


Shipments of goods either by Sea, Army and Air uses schedule proper time and efficiently. Both National and International Shipping.

Time production

careful planning in the production of goods ranging from pre-production to packaging and shipment.

Standart Sertification

Gatra Mapan had certification from ISO 9001 : 2000 since 2003.

PT Gatra Mapan have sold our products to various continent

Exporting 43 countries 75% sales, Domestic 25% sales

Living Room

Dinning Room

Bed Room

Kids Room

Office Room

Join With Us

Along with economic growth and global competition, we have the power of three production areas,
the total area of 169,000 meters overall kubik.PT. GatraMapan consistent in the fulfillment of production and new designs, and supported
by experienced experts in the field of furniture. And young designers to design issued always new, also the product quality can be maintained.

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