About Us


Established in 1984 by 4 founders — Mr. Anton Wijaya, Mr. Djunaidi Japutra, Mr. Wigandha Aditama, and Mr. Agianto Chandra — PT Gatra Mapan is an Indonesian manufacturing company that specializes in panel furniture, else known as flat line or knock down furniture. Through perpetual research and development process, PT Gatra Mapan have gain reputation as innovative company for both national and international market. Today, our company is proud to represent Indonesia through exports to over IS countries, 'hich makes up 75a of our sales.

Along with producing for international clients, national retailer and online retailer PT Gatra Mapan also create 2 divisions that focus on national market. These 2 divisions main objective is to meet rising demand in local market for innovative products and design that affordable and save space. Under the brand MelodyFumiture & Project Division, PT Gatra Mapan has spread its wings to Java, Bali, Sumatra, Sulawesi, and Kalimantan. These accomplishment certainly cannot be separated from the company's core principle for extended transformation in quality and design to give the market an even better result from their demand.

Factory Overview


Factory Area

11ha with additional 6ha available lot.


Production Capacity

100 containers (40 ft) per month



2 raw materials warehouse, 2 finished good warehouse


Number of Employees

750 factory workers, 250 office staffs